Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Stuff..goings on...

Wow, I've been a newlywed almost 3 months now!! (In 2 days!!) And things are going great. We've hit a lot of bumpy roads due to my husband's crazy schedule (60+ hours a week between work, school, and internship). I can't wait for the day when my husband is home by 5:30pm EVERY night and not just once a week so that we can actually spend quality time together instead of one hour a night.

We've been SUPER busy with our house. It was built in the 80s and needs a few updates...so we just painted the living room a nice warm inviting neutral that was called "mushroom" but has some olive tones in it, we got the laminate laid over the last two weeks, thanks to hubby and my dad. Wow, what an improvement. The whole house is so much warmer and cozier..it just feels so soothing to walk in and not see scummy nasty carpet. And let me say, a lot of people feel that way about carpet, I know..but this WAS scummy nasty carpet and probably has been there since the house was built. (EWWW) I don't know what's worse, the scummy nasty carpet or pulling it up and seeing what's underneath. Yikes. I don't think that's healthy. Dirt, dust, everything imaginable and due to my anal retentiveness on vacuuming, I made sure it was ALL up before we laid the flooring..which looks beautiful..did I mention that?

Husband finally put up my curtain rod last night, adios ugly vertical blinds! (which he had purchased, sigh.), and so I got some really awesome curtains at IKEA that make the house even more warm and cozy. OMG. Do I love our house even more now. Unfortunately, I think that Lowe's is getting the majority of our paychecks these days, but hopefully the updates are going to take a pause for a moment. Between painting and laying floor, I'm plain exhausted and ready to have some semblance of order in the house. I can't live in chaos (aka disorganization)..so the remainder of this week is going to be making sure that everything is back in place and keeping the floors clean..which I can tell I'm going to be anal about those too. Awesome.

We enjoyed our three day weekend and we're about to enjoy another one.. :) I have my 10 year class reunion this weekend in Missouri. REALLY. 10 years. Man I feel old..especially when my husband graduated 2 years AFTER me. Makes me feel even more old. I'm really excited because it will be our first road trip as a couple (remember, our first vacation was our weddingmoon in Las Vegas!) and because he gets to meet some of my friends. My mother-in-law will be puppysitting her grandpuppies (another story on that some day) so we will be childless all weekend. :) We are spending the weekend with my best friend whom I've known since we were 15 and I can't wait to see her and finally meet her son. It will be exciting to go "home", see some friends I haven't seen in years but touch base with on Facebook, and show off my husband. One of the girls I graduated has made it big...as in L.A. celebrity, music contract, touring the world, on MTV, etc. Yes, you probably would recognize her name, but I don't want to give out that much details..but I found out she is coming so that will be interesting. My guess is she will show up in 6" Christian Louboutin heels, a super-tight, super-short Dolce and Gabbana dress, and full hair and makeup--L.A.-style. I'll let you know.. In any event, let's just say it will be nice to get away.

I've been doing last minute dieting, via Slim Fast, and I'm down 7lbs (the 7lbs I've gained since meeting my husband) so I feel a lot more confident going home this weekend. Maybe I can lose one to two more so I feel even better. We'll see! So that's what's going on in LL's world for the moment. Life is good! Hope all the same for you.

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