Thursday, March 20, 2008

What I accomplished this week...

  • Tonight I am going camping in California for Easter weekend so I will be unable to update until I get back. I thought I would end this week with a post on what I've done this week to simplify my life.

    Purged my house. I went through the closet, under-the-bed storage, medicine cabinet, and drawers of my house and got rid of a huge garbage bag full of trash, one brown bag full of items for GoodWill (promptly donated the same day with a receipt), and a box full of items to give to my friends who would appreciate the items more than me. My best friend in Florida is getting a purse, training logs for her husband (he's an avid weighlifter), clothes, and a few other goodies that she'll use. One of my students (I'm a rep at a private college) who loves Marilyn Monroe ALMOST as much as me got a purse that I never use. And a coworker gets Spongebob Ty beanie babies for his daughter who loves Spongebob (they were just in storage!). It's nice to give items away to friends who will use the items that I no longer use.

  • I organized my desk at work. I took about an hour and eliminated paper clutter by entering the information into an Excel Spreadsheet. I got rid of excessive pictures and junk that just creates clutter and I hung up my desk calendar on the wall instead of having it under my keyboard; I could never see the dates under there so what is the point of having it in a place where you can't use it to it's full extent?! I also went through the drawers and got rid of extra pens, pencils, office supplies that if I really need, I can go get from the front desk. So now my desk is much cleaner and aesthetically pleasing and all the junk is gone

  • I downsized my phone plan. I share my phone plan with my ex and we weren't using all of the minutes that we were paying for and since we have the Circle Plan with Alltel, we can call our fave people for free all the time. After I checked and realized I needed to update a few numbers, the anytime minutes will be reserved for phone calls to whenever I need to call a business. Now I can call my best friend a WHOLE lot more than I have been! By updating and downsizing, this now saves us $20/month ($240/YEAR!) and considering our phone plan is normally $165/month (I have a Blackberry, this is why it's so high), this will really help save money!

This weekend is going to be all about relaxing and having a good time, taking a breath and enjoying nature. I hope your Easter is a good one! Be safe and Live Simple!

All the best,


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Amy said...

Sounds like you had a very productive week with purging! I have to say that after reading your blogs I did some purging of my own today with Liam! We purged the kitchen and Liam was I think more impressed with it than I was and he's only 4. It felt good to get rid of the clutter that had been hanging out in the cabinets. Now tomorrow I'm going to be purging my hallway linen closets. And you know what, I actually can't wait! I'm actually getting hooked on this organization blog of yours. I'm so proud of you for starting this. I know how much you love to organize! You've always been about getting the old out and downsizing the clutter. To me this is the perfect thing for you to start up. I'm addicted to your blogs though and I look at the page everyday about three times a day looking for a new piece of advice. Love it, Love it, Love it! Keep up the great work.