Monday, April 14, 2008

Day trip: Tubac, AZ

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been really busy at work and at home; with this beautiful weather I'm trying to get out as much as possible!! This weekend bf took me to an adorable little town called Tubac and we spent the day walking around looking at all of the art, stores, little niches, etc. Got a few small things from an older Mexican man selling pottery and figurines from Mexico. The town is very eclectic and fun. A lot of stores have signs on the doors stating their hours but if you happen to find something you like, drop cash or check in the door slot! Most individuals have their stores as an extension on their home.

From the Tubac Chamber of Commerce:

"Scenic high desert vistas surround Tubac, and the village enjoys a year-around economy that benefits from summer temperatures notably cooler that Tucson or Phoenix. More than ninety businesses now line Tubac's meandering streets, and a full day can be enjoyed wandering through the numerous art galleries, working studios and gift shops. The Tubac Center of the Arts provides a full range of arts programming, and seasonal exhibitions should not be missed. A variety of locally owned restaurants are open for for both lunch and dinner, and our marvelous bed & breakfasts mean that your visit to Tubac doesn't have to end when the shops close!"

I got a cute donkey (I have a thing for donkeys) piggy bank and donkey planter (to which my roommates scoffed and called it "hideous") :) from the Mexican man. While shopping a number of shoppers came up and asked us if we had ever been in the store and where do we pay? There's no one minding the store! I finally found a doorbell that customers are to ring if they need assistance and this little old leather-faced man came out and graciously wrapped up our purchases. Talk about the honor system! Anyway, found some AMAZING pottery at great prices that will make me go back once I get into a place of my own.

Anyway, if any of you readers are planning a trip to Phoenix or Tucson in the near future, please add Tubac to your list of things to do. A great day to spend with the family walking around this charming little town.

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