Monday, June 30, 2008

Storage units: Do you have one?

Aha! See what I'm talking about, the more stuff we have, the more responsibility that comes along with it. I came across this article today on MSN as I was logging out of my Hotmail account.
The author argues that more and more, Americans are turning to storage facilities across the country to store things that no longer have space in their home. Even though our homes are getting bigger and our households are getting smaller, we are PAYING to store our stuff in those convenient storage units we now see dotting almost every block. She interviews Guy Denos, a gentleman who has been in the storage business for 20 years; his argument is that people are storing their parents' things, old tax returns, grown kids' items, etc. But I'm sorry, I agree with the author, MP Dunleavey. She argues that the growing numbers of storage facilities is due to American consumerism and overindulgence.

It is an interesting article and while she gives some brief facts or conspiracies as some nay-sayers would note, I think she hits it dead on. I remember seeing a TV show once where a husband and wife were on the brink of a divorce because of his clutter. He had something like two storage units, a garage, a house, and back workshop full of his stuff. Could you imagine? No wonder this wife was about to move out, his stuff had taken over.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out the article, I found it interesting and was nodding my head in agreement. Americans spend too much, save too little, live in huge houses, and yet we still don't have enough. Pretty sad, huh?

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