Friday, September 19, 2008

it's friday. yay!

ok, i had the day off yesterday since i work on saturday and had to go to my psychological evaluation to determine whether or not i'm too crazy for my new position. it went well, thank you (and no i'm not psycho, thank you) and she said she will get the report off in a week in a half. ugh. oh well. that will give BF more time down on the border before i head off to the academy.

yay! it's friday, despite the fact i have to work tomorrow, it was nice to have the day off yesterday to just chill with the girls and pretty much do nothing. i like to reserve that for the i'm really active on sat and sun getting the house organized and cleaned. guess i should have made up for the fact i work on sat and did some housework yesterday. oops. oh well!!

i hope you all have a great weekend full of sunshine, it's beautiful down here so maybe we can get out on sat evening and do something!! :)

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