Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oprah and Eddie

my day today was successful...and why was it successful? i found new blogs to add to my daily read list. because i have all this time to kill at work, duh. ;) these are courtesy of apartment therapy, of course.

so first off we'll start with living oprah. a woman who decides to take oprah's word as gospel. seriously. she's watching the show, subscribing to the magazine, and following what she says to the letter. oprah says buy this book. she buys the book. she says, go watch this movie and drink margaritas. she goes out and watches the movie and drinks margaritas. wow. really? ok. i think it's an interesting concept. basically it's an experiment to find out if her life is benefited and/or enhanced by oprah's advice. she's chronicling her experiences through her blog and is even keeping track of how much she is spending in the process. i haven't gotten through all the months yet, obviously i'm nine months behind but you know.. i'm working on it.

next we move on to eddie ross. ahh. eddie. if you don't watch top design, well, you won't get it. eddie is one of the contestants on bravo's top design reality show (think project runway but with interior design). he's one of my very favorite designers, who works for martha stewart, and just has amazing vision for a lot of items. (and doesn't he look totally hot in his vests and bow ties? yes eddie, please continue to wear them!!)

anyway, on his blog he showcases a lot of the finds he gets at various flea markets and thrift stores. he has a fantastic way of seeing something that is ugly and turning it into something beautiful. really, if you get the chance, check it out. he is a really good source for inspiration and there's even an ask eddie section.. have fun! :)

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