Thursday, October 2, 2008

Day Two: how things are going

so far so fine. yesterday i didn't spend a dime (although i was tempted to buy a cute pink pen). even though it was probably $.79, i resisted the urge and didn't buy it. for the family of small notebook they had just $4.00 left at the end of the month, i need to be cautious and careful of every dime spent. i just realized this morning my dogs are going to need dog food. yikes. this is going to set me back. of course after having months of having food, it's this month that i have to go out and buy a bag. since they eat organic it's not going to be $10 but more like $25 or so. i also have 1/4 tank of gas so i'm going to have to top off soon so there goes another $25! yikes, 1/3 of my budget gone.

the only money i spent today was for lunch with my coworkers. $6.90 spent thus far. not too bad for two days, but like i said, looks like on my way home i'm getting dog food. *sigh*

Day Two results:
Money spent (thus far): $6.90
Money left: $143.10


amy said...

ok dude, you can totally do this. we do this on a pay check to pay check basis. only we have less than that to last us with gas and any other things we have to get throughout the time and with three kids, its not easy at all. you can do this. no more lunches or anything with people and you can so have money left when the 30 days is up. good luck and love ya

Rachel said...

You know, the year before we only had $8 left for the entire final week! It was because we had spent too much in the beginning, and that made it difficult. Try sitting down and making a list of everything you'll need to buy this month. Perhaps you could buy a smaller bag of dog food. I think it's great that you are dealing with normal purchases, and you didn't try to "stage it" by stocking up in advance.