Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Plan of attack: FOOD

I've been collecting recipes, dusting off my favorite cookbooks in an effort to figure out what i'll be eating for the next month since the majority of it will be at home (which i don't mind at all). i'm scared to go to the store and buy a lot of groceries at once and then bam, $80 later, i have a lot of food, no plan, and then i'm down over half my budget. i think later on i will make a trip with a dedicated list of things i need, not deviate at all from the list, in an effort to curb mindless spending. before all of this of course, i'm going to plan what meals i'm going to cook, guess how many times one meal will feed me (i can have 5 meals on one jar of spaghetti sauce), and what days i'm having what meals.

so, i've decided to make due with what i have in the pantry, fridge, and freezer for right now so i'm not buying anything unnecessary and it allows me to get creative. problem is, i've been doing this for a few weeks now, so i'm getting limited. that's ok. i can do it. people deal with less everyday, right?

today's lunch is leftover sandwich and baby carrots, dinner is out with bf (on him) or maybe i'll make him dinner. who knows...i've already brought my vacuum-sealed thawed bag of chili to take to boyfriend's place since i eat there for lunch everyday. so now i'm prepped for friday and next week. looks like my first expense will be lunch with co-workers but it's buy one get one free so i will save a few dollars there.

another experiment (well, side effect from this No Spend Month) will be to see if i gain/lose weight this month with eating at home and not buying snacks. i guess i could always make cookies if i get the cravings, but that would still cost a few bucks.

the one thing that i'm worried about is gas. i don't really drive a whole lot but i hope i don't have to cut back on the walks the girls and i take monday am, thursday am, saturday am, and sometimes nights. we drive to the 3-mile track and do running/walking and it's a safe place to do so. it's not too far from my house, but it's too far to walk there. i'll guess i'll cross that bridge when i get there.

well, it's lunchtime. :) i'm off to eat my leftovers.

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