Friday, October 3, 2008

Weekend ideas..

so i'm sitting here at work with nothing to do (shocker, i know!) and blog surfing again. pretty much sticking to design blogs (as usual) and i'm just so inspired to create change in my home. i see all of these people doing beautiful things to their home and i'm just a tiny bit jealous.. {----} <--this much. i wish i had a home that i owned and could do fun changes to! yeah, my time will come but how fun would it be to build this for my dogs and kitty? :) Via Apartment Therapy.

Anyway, since it's No Spend Month here at Who Are The Joneses? I'm going to find some creative ideas to spruce up my home, but I think it's going to start with scrubbing my floors. Gag. I really hate doing that chore.

Last week at the Dollar Tree I found some fantastic felt cutouts (kind of like modern doilies) in bright cheery colors; hot pink, lime green, neon blue. (Pics coming soon) I couldn't pass up buying the only package they had. I envision them in a shadow box maybe with pics or something.. i really have been needing to clean out the closet in my spare room. it has become a catch-all for everything and is just overloaded with stuff. i really need to post some items on craigslist but sometimes i just want to take it to goodwill and call it done so it's out of my house.

i have the motivation, i guess i just need to get it done. maybe i'll even decorate for halloween. :) that would be fun. cuz guess who's not spending any unnecessary money this weekend? (even though my favorite place is having an estate sale.. please don't go there *sigh*)

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