Thursday, November 20, 2008

Going off budget tonight..

I've been doing really well these two weeks on living only on cash and using my debit card for a few things that I don't pay for in cash...but tonight I'm going to have to go off budget.

My good friend R just texted me and his girlfriend broke up with him. :( R and I dated over a year ago for a little over a month and since then have remained really good friends; he's probably my closest friend in Tucson! Anyway, he was totally in love with this girl (whom I have met and thought she was totally great for him) and gave him the axe tonight, apparently she's not over her ex. Boo.
I told him this calls for some sympathy pancakes (we Loooove I-Hop) and he said, "how about tonight?" So I'll take one for the team and buy us dinner tonight, I think he deserves it. :(

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