Monday, November 17, 2008

Is it really Monday? Really?

My new best friend

This weekend went by pretty fast, I guess that is considering I spent all Saturday on the couch. Watching TV. Sleeping. and doing not much else. I caught whatever is going around. YAY!

Friday I woke up with a sore throat, not feeling bad at all. I went to a country western gay bar with my friend Erin on Friday night. :) She works non-profit and they were having a benefit for families living with HIV/AIDS so we went to check it out. (It was also benefiting the Gay Rodeo Association, yes, that does exist!) Boy I'm glad we finally talked each other into going. We had a BLAST! There were two drag queens who hosted the event, one of whom I'm very familiar with after going to one particular gay bar in Tucson with my old roommates, and they were fantastic. I ended up buying raffle tickets and won! First off, I won the most hideous cake, Martha Stewart would not have been pleased. Honestly it looked like a 5 year old made it! Erin was so excited though and we couldn't get over it..and it's hideousness. I wish I had a picture to show you, because it makes for great material, but I ended up trading it and some brownies for a large ceramic chicken from three guys. (Hey, they had THREE of them, who wouldn't want my cake, right?)

Basically the cake was square, had strawberry icing and three plastic dollar store Indians circling a brown lump (looked like poo) that was supposed to be a bonfire. Then in red gel icing, it said "RODEO" that looked like a first grader practicing his letters. Ah. It was priceless. I could have given you the description that the hostess gave, but I don't think it was appropriate! LOL.

I also won this very interesting teddy bear and some homemade truffles. I was like, Oh, a teddy bear in a bag. Ok. cool. Better than my poop cake. But upon closer examination and reading the label (oh yes, there will be pictures later) this poor bear was dipped in wax and is supposed to be used as a "room freshener." Sigh. No, I'm not kidding. Someone actually has a candle shop and dips poor unsuspecting stuffed creatures. In wax. Scented wax. And then shoves their poor distorted fur-covered bodies in bags and sells them. Well, at least it smells like Banana nut bread! Sigh.

Anyway, woke up Saturday sicker than a dog and pretty much did not move until I forced myself to go buy myself some soup and tissues. :( Being sick is the worst when you don't have anyone to take care of you. I remember the first time I was sick in England, I cried so hard for my mom because whenever I was sick as a kid she would always lay in bed with me, rub my back, and tend to my every need. Not having boyfriend here was hard, and even harder since I couldn't call and tell him I was sick and earn some sympathy points.

Sunday the girls and I got out for some fresh air and went to the dog park. I cursed the congestion gods and got out of the house. And then to Sonic where I got a grilled cheese and chocolate malt. Because really, doesn't that make it all better? Finally boyfriend called (yay!) and surprised me again and came down. :) When he comes down it is such a short visit (he gets in about 7:30-8pm and has to leave at 2am to get to work on time) but totally worth it. He brought me a chocolate shake since he knew I was sick. Aw.

Anyway, that was my weekend. Mostly good, but even better since I saw boyfriend. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder. :)

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amy said... you got to see the boyfriend again!!! I bet that perked you right up didn't it. You forgot to mention that on Sunday it was also your godson's birthday!!