Thursday, November 20, 2008

This weekend...

...I'm hoping to get rid of a lot of clutter. I started boxing up stuff from my marriage (pics, flowers, notes from high school, etc). I can't bear to get rid of it yet, we had too many years and are still really good friends, so I'm just packing it up and putting it in my storage shed. This will completely clear up a nice space in my house. Yay.

I also spoke with my BFF in Florida and she was telling me how my eldest godson really wants a stereo for his bedroom for Christmas. Because they are on one income and have 3 growing boys, it's hard for her to go out and buy everything brand new for Christmas and birthdays. I remembered that I have a stereo in my storage shed that I haven't used since I moved to my new duplex..ding ding ding! So I'm going to mail it out to him as soon as I can. My boy gets a new stereo, BFF saves some cash, and I get clutter out of my shed. :) Score 2.

I'm also trying to figure out something with my friend to do a clutter swap or just have her buy the things she wants from me. We have similar retro tastes so I know she'll love what I have and I'm all for a swap but if she doesn't have anything to offer, we'll just do cash. :) This saves me from having to put it on craigslist. Boyfriend and mom have always been leery about me having people come over to pick up things. I'd really like to build up my VitaMix, contact lense, or Winter Coat Funds, so cash would be superb. Whatever she doesn't want, I'll just put on craigslist with the hopes of making some dough.

Anyway, I'm really trying to pare down on my things, I really have a lot of stuff for just one person so I'm going to go through my house again and see what I can do. I can't believe it's Thursday already! Hooray.

Side note: boyfriend called last night and he just sounds miserable. He says he's tired and I can imagine 10 hour days/7 days a week is tiring but I think he's ready to come home. Hopefully he gets Thanksgiving off. More than 3 hours with my hunny would be so nice.

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