Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Crunch time

I leave for Dallas in 2 1/2 days. :) Can't wait to be home for a nice Christmas break! Not to mention when I get home I have the next week off too.

Yesterday I was in my panic mode for some reason and needed to get to the mall to buy a few last minute presents for my BFF's son, my brother-in-law, and my uncles' good friends. I found these adorable gifts on the Disney store website and was hoping to save a few bucks by getting them in the store. Um. No. Disney store in the mall is lame. They didn't have anything related to what I wanted to get. I ended up booking it across the mall and back for nothing.

Then I went to JCPenney because I had a $15 off coupon of $15 purchase or more; I thought I could find some cuff links or something for my b-i-l. Nope. The store was a huge disappointment, I couldn't find anything at all that was worth my time.
So I went to my favorite candy store, See's Candies, where they have delicious chocolates and peanut brittle (that bf loves spoiling me with) where I proceeded to spend $53.00. On chocolate. And peanut brittle. :) I got boyfriend a half pound of turtles (his favorite) to put in his stocking for when he comes home; I got 1-pound of chocolate for my family; and 1-pound of chocolate and 1-pound of peanut brittle for my uncles' friends.

Anyway, I feel like money is just flying out the window now. BUT, I did get my BFF's son's Christmas ordered from Disney, ordered cuff links for my bro-in-law, and got sweets for my family. I'm pretty much DONE now. Thank goodness!

I'm headed off to a two-hour lunch to go home, finish boyfriend's laundry, see the girls, and figure out what I want to pack for Saturday! :)

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