Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Super deal: Extra sugar-free gum at Walgreens.

Some people must have their coffee throughout the day, others it's cigarettes. My vice? Extra Winterfresh sugar-free gum. I've been chewing gum consistently for the past 10 years; when one piece goes out, a new one goes in. If I'm eating I may just cheek it and keep eating. If I don't have gum, I tend to freak out a little bit until I can find a piece and then it HAS to be Winterfresh Extra. Sound crazy? Maybe, but I just love gum; it keeps your mouth occupied and a nice minty flavor.

Anyway, next door to my work is a Walgreens, checking out their ad I found that they have a sale on Extra gum (which hardly ever happens). Normally for a 15-stick pack of gum at Walgreens, it's $1.19 per pack. Ouch. This week they have it advertised 3 packs for $1.98 plus $1.00 coupon in their coupon book! So that's 3 packs for just $0.99! I just picked up thirty packs (and cleaned them out of Winterfresh) for just $9.90 (even though it says limit 3 packs, they were nice enough to let me buy thirty!).

Just wanted to share this tip with you! For $0.33 per pack, this is a deal you can't miss if you love Extra gum.

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