Friday, January 23, 2009

This weekend...

As I write this, boyfriend is picking up the 5th wheel from the work site where he lived for 2 months; he was sweet and took the girls with him for the 3 1/2 hour (one way) trip so that they could get out of the house. I figure they need some bonding time anyway, and some much needed car time. My coworker was laughing about how she can envision my boyfriend (who is quite large, as in, broad-shouldered) with my little dogs; it's a cute picture actually.

Anyway, I'm doing better this morning, thanks for asking. I was just in a mood yesterday and really discouraged, but I'm getting over the situation. Hey, with AZ's unemployment rate hitting 6.9%, I should not be complaining. At all.

Tomorrow is my driver's safety course from 7:30am-1pm. Ugh...err..I mean...Yay! See ya $190.00, I would have loved you.

My $190.00...*sniff*

I'm going to try and purge a little more this weekend and really evaluate what is necessary. I'm still getting extremely hyped up about our trip in a few years. I found some books at my fave used bookstore so I'm going to look them up on Amazon and see which ones are worth buying.

Other than that, I have a three day weekend since I work next Saturday. Hooray, time to sleep in; after my stupid drivers class, I'm going to be beat.

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