Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dear John D. Sutter of CNN,

"Will recession dull hip-hop's bling?" Really? Do you have nothing better to report about than rappers bling bling? In this day and age when people are struggling just to find a job, you decide to report on the effect of the economy on rappers' jewelry-buying habits? Did you have a hard time finding these "experts" (experts on what?) to have them give you their two cents on what is happening in this day and age? How long did it take you to find your sources?

When rappers are reportedly making tens of THOUSANDS of dollars (Lil Jon apparently making $80,000) for a single track, do you think a typical American is crying for these overpaid guys because they can't afford the ridiculous over-the-top jewelry when they're (the typical American) struggling to pay their heating bills? I don't think so. Even though you report that they'll be lucky if they get half that for a track, that is still more money than I make in a year.
Just reading the title of your article made me laugh out loud in my cubicle. Yes, it is laughable and it is a joke. Please stop wasting our time on these ridiculous topics that the average person does not care about; no, you're right, I didn't have click on it and read it, so kudos buddy for taking my three minutes to read your mindless article.
Oh, you do note that ever major label is having layoffs but fail to mention WHO is being laid off. I highly doubt it's any of these multi-million dollar rappers but probably the guy that sweeps the parking lot, perhaps the girl that runs around and does crappy errands for these guys with inflated egos.
Please, report on something that we care about, something that effects the majority of Americans, not the .01% of the population.
Love and kisses,

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Miss M said...

What, no more gold grills? I think that it's a good thing, the bling is just gaudy and awful. I never understood any of it, grotesque displays of wealth always make me cringe. The juxtaposition of diamonds and gold against lyrics about growing up in the hood?