Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cost/benefit analysis of moving to Dallas without a job

My mom is kind of freaking out about me moving to Texas (she's more excited than freaked out for the record...) and she's just concerned about my animals. "Where are they going to go?" Really mom? Where do you THINK they'll go! If I don't have a job then obviously I'm not going to rent an apartment yet so they're going to go to your house.

My parents never allowed us as kids to have a dog. We had the "one pet in the house" rule, so, we had cats. My mom had dogs when she was younger but she grew up on a farm so they were outdoor dogs, I don't think my dad ever had a family pet. In any event, my parents don't know what to expect of dogs. I try to reassure her that she will love them, that they are small (11 and 18lbs!) and that they're way better than cats. She's still nervous.

If I leave Arizona for Dallas I will have my Emergency Fund plus my $600 deposit from my duplex that I currently rent. Obviously I'd be saving on rent since I would be living with my parents until I find a job but I would still have expenses. Asks my mom: "What would you do for money?" Well duh, I would get a job and use my EF.

I would be close to my family and be able to spend time with my sister and nephew but I would no longer have my own place and boyfriend would be back in Tucson. I don't know what I want to do at this point. I need a sugar daddy. LOL.

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