Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This doesn't make me feel right..

Okay, just a quick question for you all. The blogs have been buzzing about how to save money in today's economy and the typical suggestions always pop up:

*Ditch the landline
*Cut the cable
*Stop eating out

A lot of people are suggesting calling the cable companies to "cancel" their cable just to get a really good money saving offer; I've seen people who are getting $30-$50 off a MONTH just by doing this...that's no small change in my books. So my question is this:

If you plan on keeping your cable and it's affordable at this point, would you call to "cancel" just to get a deal out of the situation?

Obviously the cable company wants to keep you on as a customer and you just want a deal, is there something wrong with this? I don't know how I feel about it. One part of me (the frugal, coupon-clipping, neverpayretail part) says HECK yes, let me try to snag my own deal and the other part of me (the honest, I-don't-ever-tell-a-lie, trying to be good a Christian part) says nope, not such a good thing since you knew how much it was when you signed up.

What do you think? Do you think it's ethical to try and get a better deal from your cable company if the money isn't that big of an issue at the moment?

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Miss M said...

Since you are dealing with a company, as opposed to this being a personal relationship, then I think it's OK to "attempt" to cancel even if you want to stay with them. They could always call your bluff and not offer you a better deal. If they do offer you a better deal then it is because keeping you as a customer is more important than the few dollars difference. You don't know their balance sheet, how they make money or what price they can charge to still make money. They are a business, they'll make whatever decision benefits their business.