Monday, June 21, 2010

The process...

It's been an ongoing process of purging my house to get it to a comfortable level of minimalism. I've been inspired to be able to just want to walk into my house and think " THIS is a comfy house. I'm home." I've been going through drawer-by-drawer, room-by-room and dragging a box along behind me; the more I get rid of, the more free I feel.

When you strip down to the things that you truly love and enjoy and makes you happy, the house begins to change. You look around and everything that you see evokes warm feelings and not resentment.

I think what a lot of people grasp to realize when you go to the store and purchase something, you take responsibility for that item. The more you acquire, the more you have to deal with. The more time that is spent dusting, maintaining, organizing, etc. And that is time spent away from doing things that you truly love, like perhaps spending time with your friends and family... I've spent WAY too many hours doing those things, maintaining.. "Oh, we can't do that this weekend because..." No more. Once we get this house in order and the chaos has died done from completing our laminate floors and everything gets back in order.. I'm looking forward to having more time to devote to my family, friends, and dogs...because frankly, that's all that matters, right?

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