Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Juno and Pink Carnations: The beginning

I am not a typical American. I do not thrive on "keeping up with the Joneses", frankly, I've never met the Joneses and I probably wouldn't like them anyway. I am a simple girl who was raised in a typical American family who thrived on spending: the big house, nice cars, expensive belongings, etc. I do not think that way today nor will I ever think that way again.

I've been living on my own since I was 19 and I've learned a lot throughout my short life (I'm now 25). Less is more. Clutter is a distraction. Happiness is not achieved through a big house and fancy car. Minimalist living really can provide you a much richer life.

What does Juno and pink carnations have to do with this blog? Well, Juno is my 1 year old terrier-mix dog who I recently rescued from a non-kill shelter in Tucson, AZ (where I presently reside). She is my first dog and is my happy place. Pink carnations are my favorite flower. Yes, carnations are simple and one of the cheapest flowers on the market. What can I say, I'm a simple girl. To me, they are beautiful, last forever, and smell very nice; plus you can get a bunch of them for very little money. What better a title for a blog than two of my favorite things?

Throughout the growth of this blog I hope you learn a lot while contributing your thoughts and ideas; I still have a lot to learn myself. This is about living SIMPLY, without a lot of material possessions, FRUGALLY, without high credit card debt, thereby achieving a fulfilling life dedicated to living each day to its fullest and achieving PEACE.

Welcome readers! Join me on this journey and let's grow together...

All the best,

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