Monday, April 7, 2008

Shark Steam Mop Verdict

*Drum roll please*

I LOVE it!! :) I bought it Saturday and went home to use it as fast as possible. It recommends distilled water to prolong the heating element but I didn't have any and I wanted to use it (I will get some before I use it next time). Put it together fairly easy but I thought adding water to it was difficult, this was before I noticed the little funnel it came with!! Oops.

You have to prime it to begin with and once the water heats up it really creates a lot of steam. Pushing it across the floor wasn't as easy as I had hoped, especially since I have stone floors, but once the steam gets going, the floor gets nice and clean. I also noticed that the handle wasn't that sturdy either, just like everyone else was complaining about.

Luckily the pad wasn't as dirty as I expected, this is a good thing, obviously my floors weren't that bad to begin with! I did my entire house (minus roomie's bedroom) on 8oz of water. This is definitely better that the standard mop and broom, interestingly the floors were sticky when I was mopping, meaning sticking to my shoes; this is probably due to the chemicals it was picking up. But once it was done, it was no longer sticky! I am now able to walk on my floors barefoot, before this grossed me out, but they feel so clean, even after one use!

Even bf noticed a difference, in one place I didn't move a piece of furniture and you could tell. I definitely give the Shark an A-, the minus is for it being hard to push across the floor and for the pad being difficult to stick to the bottom of the mop, and for the flimsy handle.

I highly recommend my Steam Mop! :) I'll post a pic of the pad later.

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amy said...

In the process of finding one right now!! Ha, Ha, I'm going to have my steam mop one way or the other. Living with all hard floors, I desperatly need one!!