Friday, April 4, 2008

Donating: It's a good thing

So I decided to contribute monthly by debit card to the ASPCA, one of my favorite charities. My bf and I keep arguing about the subject of donating and tithing. He doesn't think my giving to an animal organization is as good as giving money to help man. I said, I AM giving money to help man. Man prosecute man for bad things. (Ha! Score one for me)

Right now I'm giving more than I had anticipated, but I figured that the more I give, the better off the animals will be and I won't miss the money anyway. Once my debt gets paid off, I'm hoping to bump that number up more.

Donating is ALWAYS in style and it not only benefits the organization, it helps your karma too! But only give if you WANT to, not because you feel you should. There are so many different charities you can give to; do some research! Your aunt passed away from ovarian cancer? Find a charity that supports finding a cure. If you check out Charity Navigator they "evaluate the financial health of over 5,300 American charities" so you know you're donating to a legit charity.

Do it now. Even if it's $5.00 a week, you're making a difference. Don't put it off till next paycheck, start today and you'll be joining the millions of Americans who give. Score one for you!

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amy said...

We have decided to donate as well. We're donating to the american idol charity. After watching the fund raiser and seeing how much they help the people across america out, we wanted to do our part. We've decided to donate $5 in each of the boys names. That's $15 every two weeks and if you add that up over the next year that's a total of $360. We'll have helped provide a family with health care that they couldn't normally afford. The charity is called You should go and check it out.