Monday, May 19, 2008


Wow, has it really been a month since I've blogged? Where has the time gone. Anyway, so much has happened in such a short time, I decided that I need to STOP procrastinating and START working on this thing again! I miss blogging.

Life: In general things are going very well! Took bf to see Cats: The Musical last night. He's never been to the theatre and I haven't seen this since I was a little girl so I bought tickets last month so we could have a nice date night! We got all dressed up and had pretty good seats. BF was really tired so he didn't enjoy it as much as he could have, but it was so nice to get out and do something different! I think we're going to get season tickets to the theatre in Tucson now! :)

I'm getting my own place! I've NEVER had my own place. Ever. I've always shared it with roommates (in college), ex-husband, or current roommates. But this time I got a 2 bedroom duplex with a fenced backyard for the animals all to myself! I cannot WAIT to move in this weekend. I bought my couch from Macy's (CLEARANCE with a savings of almost $400, I'm still frugal thankyouverymuch!) and we're picking that up this weekend as well. I'm so ready for this, and it's right behind my favorite neighborhood market..I used to have to drive 20mins to get to this store and now I get to walk there! I'm so excited.. PLUS it's in the area of where I always go scouting for used furniture and thrift stores. This weekend is going to be great!

Job: Ugh, do.not.go.there. 'Nuff said. I think that's why I've delayed blogging on here..but I'm going to have a more positive attitude and get this updated regularly!

Pets: AMAZING! I got Ruby, a poodle/mini greyhound mix (what a combo, huh?) on the 3rd and she's been doing very well and loves to play with Juno. She's not as behaved as Juno and barks when she sees me wake up...but she is so adorable and everyone at the dog park is envious!

Other than that, life is going well. I'm really excited about moving out and having my own place even though it is more expensive. I'm ready to get this life change started once and for all!

Thank you all for your patience. I will be more diligent about this blog! :) Blessings, LL

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