Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New place update

Ok, so I'm totally digging living in my own place. It is so nice and big (well, it's about 800sqft or less!) and I have plenty of space to have things the way I want it.

As much as it SUCKS to move, it is always nice to see what you have, you're forced to deal with it. Once you go through it, you're really amazed at what you have.. or shocked! LOL.

I ended up taking a few things to Goodwill and getting them out of my house. I have more space than before (YAY!) but I want to keep it neat and tidy without it getting too cluttered. The ex came over the other day and was giving me props on the new pad. He also is taking a beloved piece of furniture, a gorgeous Japanese dresser that we bought in England. I tried incorporating it in the main room, but with my mid-century furniture, it looks really awkward! He had told me before he had wanted it, so I'm going to part with it *sigh* but I know he will love it and appreciate it, so it's his when he finds a place to put it. I also gave him a bunch of photo albums and pictures that he had wanted. I love giving things away to people I know will put them to use instead of just Goodwilling it.

Everything is almost in its place, just have to get the guest bedroom/den organized now; need to get my two retro orange chairs out of storage to the cleaners. My parents are coming for my birthday next month so I want to make sure the house is in order!!

All in all the move was pretty stress-free except it was just the two of us moving everything. We got it done and in the end, I don't know if I would have done anything differently. Wait, I would have had more boxes!! I had to unpack real quick, run back to the old place, pack and take it to my new home. doing that, I was unpacked real quick and didn't have boxes sitting around for a long time, so maybe I liked it that way!! :)

The dogs are settling in nicely and love the new place, although I do have to give them baths EVERYDAY since the backyard is just dirt. :( Oh well! I love my new house, like my landlords, and I'm all by myself! What more could I want?

Hope all is well with you all. I will be in touch soon. Blessings.

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