Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I need your help!!

Everyday I leave my house to go to work, I have two dogs that look at me like, "You're leaving again?" I can't stand it. I want to work somewhere where I am able to take them with me and spend the day with them. I've determined I want to open up my own pet boutique.

We have a few of them here in Tucson, but I am far from impressed. They lack originality and fun and I think that I could bring a really fun edge to my store; right now I'm trying to figure out the logistics of it all, asking for help from my brother who is about to open his own business: an ice cream parlour. What I want is a fun name for my boutique..that's where you come in. I would like something that is fun and original, but let's the person know that it's a pet store. It would be fun if I could incorporate Juno's name somehow in the title. Here are a few ideas thus far:

Juno's Posh Paws

The Posh Juno

Downham Market Pet Boutique

I don't know...obviously!! Any ideas about the boutique, something you would like to see or have offered, let me know PLEASE!! I really would love to get this started and am praying that it will happen.

Thanks for all your help!



amy said...

Ok, first of all I think this is great what you are thinking about doing!!! I however think you should stick to the idea of having a doggie daycare!!! I think alot of people would love to drop off their pets during the day just to make sure their dogs are getting the attention they need while the owners are at work. Once business picked up you could hire other workers to help you out with walking the dogs and bathing the dogs and so forth! I know if I had the attention seeking dog and worked all the time I would love to drop my doggie off at a place like that. But this is your business and your dream so whatever you choose to do I'm supporting you 200%. If I can ever be of help to you in this matter please let me know. I know I'm sorta far away but I can still help out! I love the idea either way. I mean seriously I think you would run an awesome boutique for animals just because of your love for the little critters!!! My suggestions on the name are going to be in the next comment!!

amy said...

my ideas are ..... Juno's Pretty Paws Boutique.....Juno's Perfect Paws....Pretty Paws By Hill....Juno's Fun Paws Center....Miss Juno's Boutique...Juno's Paws and Claws Boutique...Paws and Claws Boutique...Perfect Paws Boutique..Juno's Paw Pad...Juno's Paw Spa....Juno's Doggie Center...Juno's Paw Central...Juno's One Stop Paw Boutique...Juno's Dazzling Paws Boutique.. Ok, I think that's it for now! Let me know what you thought of these and if it was any help at all. Love ya