Monday, June 9, 2008

Only have 100 Things? Could you do it?

I really enjoy the Living section on CNN. They usually have interesting articles every few days that pertain to what I'm dealing with at the present moment. Today they have link to an article on entitled, "How to Live with Just 100 Things."

Currently there is a 100 Thing Challenge, a movement that challenges individuals to whittle their belongings to just 100 things. Dave Bruno, online entrepreneur from San Diego looked around his home last summer and determined he just had way too much stuff, so he began this challenge.

It's a very interesting read and I encourage you all to check it out. It really makes us think about the important/not so important things in our lives. Do we really need so much stuff? I learned quickly the power of clutter when I lived in England. Simply put, we could not have a lot of stuff. In our first home, we had NO closets. No joke. A 3 bedroom house with no storage...and a tiny one at that. Now in my new home, I'm really encouraging myself to purge. I really need to clean out my storage unit in the backyard. I have way too much Christmas stuff so that needs to go. I suppose it could go on craigslist as Christmas approaches.

I'm going to take this challenge head on. No, I don't think I could get to 100 items, but at the same time, I could afford to pare down my goods. Does one person really need as much as I have? As my bf says, you have enough stuff for 3 people. Yikes.

My parents are coming down so I think I will give them some items to take to family members. Ok, here we go again. PURGE TIME!!! :) Ah, I love it. Give me your thoughts on this challenge. I'd be interested to know what everyone thinks.

Blessings, LL.

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