Monday, August 18, 2008

Cruisin along I-10...

So peach picking wasn't madness. But it was delicious. We loaded ourselves up on peach pancakes and proceeded to pick peaches (ok, enough with the 'p's, i got it). We ended up getting a little discouraged because the peaches were all picked over so we got some apples, one largely disfigured pear that somewhat resembles John Kerry's face, and some delicious fudge. mmmm.

We drove along I-10 with the windows down and made our first stop at a gas station in BFE, Arizona where for miles we saw signs that exclaimed, "What is The Thing?" With you know, font that is supposed to scare us into submission to check out whatever this "Thing" is. And of course, we stopped. :) Well, it was $1 admission per person and what is it? Ha! I'm not telling, you can drive past the millions of billboards and drive to BFE, Arizona aka Dragoon, AZ and find out for yourself.. just be careful not to let the taxidermied Jackalopes and ginormous buffalo head get you. Yes, it is one of THOSE types of gas stations.

There are two sides to Apple Annie's, the orchards and then the produce. Driving an additional six miles @ 5mph down a dirt road (BF: "but the lady said it was only a few miles down the road!" ME: "yes, but when you're driving 5mph, it takes a long time!") we finally arrive. Sweating in the dry AZ heat we proceed to walk around and grab our buckets and buggie and pick the hell out of some fresh veg. $37 later we walk away with fresh watermelon, garlic, tomatoes (most of them green..yum), zucchini, yellow neck squash, eggplant, sweet corn, and a massive yellow squash that is bigger than a newborn, we're tired, sweaty, and sticky but dammit it was all for the cause.

Got home and BF immediately passes out on the couch watching TV and I spend the next two hours cooking up pounds of ratatouille and fresh vegetable soup. Sweaty and tired and sick of cleaning and cooking, I plop on the couch.. well, squeeze my way on the couch, thinking, yeah, I can watch my shows. NOPE. BF wakes up and takes the remote. Thanks again, babe. Did I tell you that you're the best and most thoughtful BF ever? No? Oh, ok, nevermind.

Oh, did I mention this was all AFTER BF woke me up at 5:30 am? And no it wasn't a crawl in bed, gentle, "hunny, time to get up for peach pancakes, we need to get going so we can make it out there in time. look how beautiful you are in the morning, and your breath? smells like fresh cut roses." kiss kiss cuddle cuddle.. it was a "Get up woman we need to get going. Girls, (in reference to the dogs) get mommy, wake her ass up." Ahh, men are so sweet!

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