Friday, August 22, 2008

Here we go again..

So again, my brain is going a mile a minute and I'm stoked to go home. I just bought the new Domino and Real Simple magazines, so I'm feeling like I'm in a design mood. Want to go home and get creative. Or maybe just watch TV. hehe. :)

Anyway, BF is doing better although the ankle is not. It's big and purple and down right painful..although I do believe he's milking it for all that is worth. "Hungee, I need chocolate and In-N-Out Double doubles." "Hungee, I need ice." "Hungee.."

Grr. Seriously, I love to baby people sometime, but now, I'm losing my patience. Is this why I don't have kids?? Lol. At least I can tell my dogs NO and they'll still love me in 5 seconds. :)

So he's sitting at home. While I work. And of course, the first Sat that he takes off, b/c of his ankle... I have to work. WTF? Gotta love it. Oh well, at least he can rest. That boy works too hard.

Still at work and trying to plot my escape. I had an appointment today, unexpected, so I'm not taking a lunch. Maybe if I run real fast, they won't see me. Maybe? But then again, do I care? Nope.

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