Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Super Grover? Not so much

My day started off good. I woke up in a good mood, BF came in and cuddled me. No, "GET UP woman"..nope. Just good old fashioned spooning. And then licking. Followed by a lot of licking. A LOT of licking. Dang dogs. (What were YOU thinking? Sicko)

So I take my girls out for their daily morning walk. Most of the time they're really good. I'm the chick with the two small dogs. Sigh. No I'm not one of those. Imustcarrymysmalldogeverywhereigo. I'm working on the whole, "I'm more dominant than you. You are a dog. I am the pack leader." Yeah, too much Dog Whisperer. So we're strutting along, getting our walking on and what do I see? A large dog. With no leash. And no owner. Miss Save-The-World here thinks, OOOh, I need to find out where this dog belongs and his owner. We can't have this ownerless dog walking around the neighborhood. You know, ownerless. As we approach this very docile dog with a collar, Ruby freaks out. I mean, seriously. Freaks out. She's barking, which sounds more like a yelp. Or if Spongebob could bark. Yeah. Imagine that. So I'm trying to shut her up, it's like 8am and she is going psycho. I'm grabbing her, trying to get her to sit, shut up, run away..anything. Not working. I'm grabbing her harness, her collar, grabbing her mouth. Nada. So, I grab her harness and pull up. Imagine a nine pound grey Teddy Bear/Grover mix flying through the air thinking she can get this dog, for what reason? I have no idea. Although she is lean. This nine pound beast is strong. And I'm no weakling here. She is one strong mama with a lot of adrenaline.

About this time Juno is getting pissed and starts growling as well since Super Grover won't shut up. And the other dog? Chillin. Thinking this grey-haired curly Spongebob screaming beast is trying to get it. (Can you imagine it folks?) Cue the two bicyclists who have smug smiles on the faces pass us and watch this not-so-much hilarious act unfold in the two seconds it takes them to pass by. Hey, how are you doing? Yeah, keep moving...nothing to see nothing to see.

Grab leash. Tug hard. Drag dogs behind me while stomping home like Mrs. Trunchbull from Matilda. Seriously I was pissed. So we cut the walk short. Ruby still thinks she can pull me around so I'm dragging my two dogs home, hoping no one is going to call the cops on me. "Mommy, can I sniff the..." *Tug* *Drag* "Umm..nevermind"

Yeah, not a way to start the day. And what doesn't help? When we get home and her big tongue is hanging out of her mouth. Looking like my sweet Grover again. And then curls in my lap like nothing happened and kisses me. Sigh.

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