Tuesday, August 5, 2008


As I was browsing the Internet today, I found myself in CNN's Living section, which is one of my favorite places on the site.

The article entitled "No kids, no jobs for growing number of wives" talks about the growing population of women who are opting to stay home and take care of the household. No, these aren't stay-at-home moms (SAHMs), these are women who more often than not are highly educated and have decided to forgo their careers to become homemakers. Interesting. I look at these women and wonder, are they happier? What are they sacrificing? Do they get lonely? What do they want with their lives? Are they taking a break?

I myself went to school for six years in order to HAVE a career. Many of those years I did have part-time jobs, but when I decided I wanted to focus directly on school, I quit and stayed at home. Yes, I did love it sometimes and really miss it occasionally. I cooked 95-percent of the time, I cleaned a lot, and worked out constantly. It really was nice to be able to get things done and have time left over to do other things, like studying and going to school. I looked forward to my husband coming home so that I can spend time with him and talk about his day.

Now, I work 40 hours a week, have a hard time setting appointments around my work schedule, spend not nearly enough time with my dogs, and avoid doing chores (like mopping my floor) because I'm tired. I don't work out besides the Pilates DVDs and dog walks in the morning and my idea of cooking is making a smoothie or stopping for a sandwich on my way home (called-in ahead of time, of course).

Ideally, I think this is the perfect set-up, being able to stay at home.. heck, if one's husband encourages it, why not? I think this is successful though, and only successful (in my humble opinion) if one has a strong friend base and a hobby! Otherwise, from experience, one will go NUTS!! You have to get out and do things and have some fun in order to stay sane; one can only mop the kitchen floors so many times!

I could debate this all day, but when it comes down to it and I had the opportunity to take some time off, I would snatch it up in an instant..and then a few months later, would promptly find a job.

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