Monday, September 15, 2008

DYI: Success!

Before: Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear...

so it worked. really. grabbed the ruby and went into the bathtub to try this whole "at-home grooming thing." it wouldn't be official without the "thing"..anyway, so she looks a little pathetic because i shaved her face to get the poodle look and BF says she looks like an anteater. :( aww..poor rubbles (pronounced roobles. she wouldn't let me shave her legs so i shaved her head, her face, and her body, but no legs. seriously now she looks like the funniest looking creature. ever. i love it. i've read that grooming your dogs can create a bonding experience.. yeah, right. me in the bathtub covered in fur. juno looking at me like i'm trying to steal her soul. practice makes perfect, obviously, but i'm really excited and motivated to get this down to save a ton of money.
AFTER: so pretty. tee hee

speaking of money, i'm doing really well on the whole.."i'm trying to be debt-free thing." really. whenever i'm hungry and need to get something to eat, i've been resorting to *gasp* the pantry. and i've come up with some yummy meals on the fly and concocting some pretty darn good food. i'm going to only buy things when i need them (i know, novel idea, right?) instead of impulse shopping. i'm going to resort back to my old ways that i had in england of using the envelope method that i've mentioned before. i get paid this thursday so i'm excited to get it started (although the final season of will and grace comes out on tues and will be almost all of my fun money for two weeks. crap.) but this is where the fun part comes in. prioritizing..figuring out what i want to spend my money on and the most important items. yay!

i know, i get way too excited about bill paying. what can i say? i'm a geek. :)

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Jules said...

The envelope method and pantry diving totally works! And guess what? I never do it. I just told the Mister last week that we are going to the envelope method. I'm buying too many $5 and $10 things, you know?