Friday, September 12, 2008

diy: can i handle it?

so i decided after spending $80 a MONTH on dog grooming for my pups that I'm going to give it a go myself. mind you this is the same person who thought it would be cheaper to give my husband haircuts..after one attempt, he had to shave his head. and he never let me near it again with the clippers. oops.

i went to a big box store today and bought a wahl pet clipper kit that contains the clippers, shears, and a card to send away for an instructional video for free (3-4 week wait..yeah, don't they know i'm going to try before it comes in? my dog is gonna look like a blind toddler went at her..) i figure it can't be too hard right? and for $30.. it's less than one hair cut for one dog. how hard can it be?? (famous last words).

wish me luck, i'll probably need it. i'll post some before and after shot of my i hope i don't traumatize her.

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amy a.k.a. your bff said...

OMG!!!! Don't do it, Don't do it!!! Just kidding! So I guess you'll never know how bad or good you are until you give it a try right? Well, I just hope poor little juno and ruby don't come out looking like that damn dog in the photo above because that thing is ugly! I want to see photos!