Saturday, September 20, 2008

Etsy feature: TheHouseOfMouse

My BFF Amanda's birthday was last week and I was trying to find something super cute and super original to get her for her present. We are both I Love Lucy addicts (to say the least) and so as I was on Etsy and found this shop called TheHouseOfMouse, run by Anna Greaves out of The Netherlands.

I couldn't stop giggling in my cubicle at the little mice she makes. I was making all my coworkers come check them out. They're fantastically made and so very detailed, I love the attention she gives these little mice. Also, she packages them up in little red boxes with certificates. Can't say enough about this shop! :)

My faves? Executioner Mouse, Groucho Marx Mouse, Hannibal Lecter Mouse, Van Gogh Mouse, Edward Scissorpaws Mouse.. ok, so I could go on forever.. but seriously these little mice are too cute.

Anyway, I asked Anna if she would make me a Lucy mouse for Amanda. :) And of course, she was more than happy to oblige and very excited to make this new mouse. And I'm excited for it to be done and Amanda to receive her. :)

Thanks so much Anna!

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