Saturday, September 20, 2008

hippos...yeah, i know.

this pic will haunt me for the rest of my days.

so i'm at my psych eval and the doc asks me if i have any fears. i stifle a little laugh and say, yeah, actually i do. it's hippos.

i know, it's weird. everyone asks me, why are you afraid of hippos? well duh! if you're ever out on the amazon and you're in your little canoe minding your own business, these giant disgusting, hateful, greasy-looking creatures with short stubby legs, beady eyes, and tiny little ears are going to come out of the water and eat you! they don't even care! they'll bite your boat into two pieces and totally gobble you in one bite!
sure, it's irrational. i'm not stupid. and really, when will i ever be in the amazon, right? well, my family are huge disney fanatics. yes, my family belongs to the disney vacation club. and one of our favorite parks, the one we always hit first is the animal kingdom. :) yeah, we love it there..anyway. so we always go on the safari ride and guess who ALWAYS gets stuck on the side where the hippos have their habitat? yeah. that's right. me. all the time. and what do i do? i freak out. and everyone laughs. and it's not funny.
hippos are just damn scary. end of story.

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