Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Getting nervous about this experiment!

it's kind of like a diet..and i hate dieting (but who doesn't?) i enjoy eating healthy a lot of the time, but of course i have some days where i want some fried food or chocolate. this is going to be a strict "diet" on money. but heck, we all need restrictions once in a while, right?

i'm nervous and excited and the potential i'm going to learn this coming up month. i remember being laid off and having no money. that was intensely scary, but i was really happy. seriously. it was so freeing not spending money. i had hardly any debt and i only bought what i needed to survive. gas and food. it was great!! so i'm hoping getting back into that mindset will help me. ok, so now my excitement is taking over my nervousness. if one has ever been on a diet and has been successful, it's a feeling of empowerment. "i can do this, i'm doing so great, i'm sticking with it" and i think that this is what i'm going to feel like during the next 30 days. it's gonna be hard to begin with, but resisting temptation and saving money will feel even better. hopefully by the end of the month i can throw a big chunk of money on my debt or use that to get christmas presents.

one thing i'm debating and i need some suggestions. so i had a hair cut appt for last week that i had to cancel since i had to work. is that now going to come out of this $150 budget? i mean, really it was intended for last paycheck and was set 8 weeks in advance and i unfortunately had to cancel it. so what do you think? should i count it out of this budget? if so, i can't get it cut for another 4 weeks..and it's already been eight.. ugh. decisions, decisions...

anyway, i'm ready to go. this is going to be an interesting ride! wish me luck.

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amy said...

ok, i wish you all the luck in the world first of all. Second of all, i think you should count that hair cut into this months budget. it was intended for last month yea but that was your decision to cancel it knowing you were going to do this whole thing. i think it would mean more to you if youj waited it out or took it out of this months budget just like i have to do. i can't get my hair cut like i would like to all the time because it doesn't play a big part into our budget. i don't know just a suggestion and you asked for it. love ya