Tuesday, September 30, 2008

October on $150

inspired by small notebook's no spend month, one estate sale/thrift store loving girl with three rescued animals goes on a mission to see if she can only spend $150 in october. what will she discover? can she survive? what will the $150 cover?

  • food--more specifically groceries, takeaways, and restaurants. also animal food and any treats

  • gas for my honda

  • household necessities--let's count toliet paper, cleaning supplies, light bulbs, batteries, etc.

  • entertainment--theatre tickets, book stores, etc.

  • clothing--this should be easy. i hardly ever buy clothes.

what won't this cover?

  • rent

  • utilities

  • bills (credit card, insurance)

  • savings

  • charity

the boyfriend always says i'm frivolous. i'm really not. but i do like to go to thrift stores and i hardly ever spend $50 or more on something. but the little stuff adds up quick. i'm hoping to be able to stretch this month's paychecks to be able to donate more to charity and to put more on my credit card debt.

tomorrow is day one which could prove to be difficult since i don't get paid till thursday, but i think i can go one day without spending. i'm going to compile a list of cheap, yummy meals that i can prepare at home to lower my costs. luckily i have a freezer loaded with chili and ratatouille so that will last me a while (if i don't get bored of it! oh well). i do know i'm going out to lunch with my coworkers on thursday so that will cut into my spending already. i'm also going to take a lot of my dvds and other items and put them on craigslist to add to our travel fund. the bonus of this month is that i have a $50 target gift card if things prove sketchy or in case of emergencies, but i'm going to see if i can do without. i'm going to put my debit cards away (ahh) and not use them this month. if the family at small notebook can do it. so can i.


amy said...

u go girl! i think you can do it, you're normally pretty good with sticking to things like this so i see no problems with your goal!

Rachel said...

You are off to a great start! I'm so proud of you for giving it a try!