Thursday, September 11, 2008

have pup will travel

so i'm really excited. a few weeks ago i purchased my airline tickets to fly back home to see my family for christmas. i will be there for eight whole days. i'm really really really giddy about it. although my sister thinks it's ok to go back to missouri to visit her in-laws and just happen to take my nephew with her. (who does she think she is?!) either way, it will be fantastic to see my family. :)

anyway i'm really debating what to do about my pups. BF said he would take care of them but the thought of leaving juno for eight days makes me really depressed. seriously. depressed. so now i'm hoping that my parents (who aren't big pet people) will allow me to bring my beloved juno while ruby stays back with home with BF. i don't know if they understand that:

1. juno is housebroken
2. she is soo well behaved
3. i'm working on her training (which is going AWESOME with her)
4. she is pretty much the best dog ever.

where as i would trust juno with my life, i wouldn't trust ruby with a tissue. lol. so i guess it's going to come down to dad. is he going to allow my little angel to come with or stay back? cross your fingers.

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amy said...

I have the fingers crossed! That is too funny when you say that you can't trust ruby with a tissue. She can't be that bad is she? Well, I wish you luck!