Wednesday, September 10, 2008

hobby wanted: apply within

so i'm laying (lying..whatever) in bed last night and i grab my super cute notebook from the clearance rack at office depot.. anyway, i'm lying there, my pups eating their nighttime snack and i'm thinking about my life. what do i want to do with it? how many times have i written about how my mind goes 1000 miles an hour and i have so much going on up there.. what do i do with it?

i need a hobby. a serious hobby. i've tried scrapbooking. i'm too impatient. i tried sewing. i kept screwing up the needle. i have no drawing capabilites, yet my father is an amazing artist. so. what is a girl to do? i'm a MAJOR etsy whore. i looove etsy and am so inspired by all of the amazing jewelry, clothes, drawings, sculptures, felted wool items. i'm jealous. i have a creative mind but i just don't know what to do with it. i buy these fantastic vintage fabrics and finds and they just sit there. waiting for inspiration. maybe i should find a class to take and try a number of things before i settle. maybe when i find "the one" i'll just know.

change of topic. i was purusing the blogs today and found some great new ones. :) today i found becomingminimalist. haven't really delved into it yet but the tagline is simple: a family of four in suburban america becomes minimalist. i love reading about people who are giving up material possessions and changing their habits. it's so refreshing and inspirational. i think i just my spend the weekend going through my spare closet and finally getting this black hole organized. and by organized i mean either 1. goodwill 2. craigslist 3. mailout items to family. it's time to get the spare room in shape so i can utilize the space i do have instead of it being a catch all.

today i was proud of myself. i cleaned my desk and got rid of a bunch of items i no longer needed and were cluttering my desk. old notes, papers, extra office supplies. nothing better than a clean desk. so mini-mission accomplished. maybe i should keep going...

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