Thursday, September 11, 2008

my aha moment

this morning was great. i woke up and took my two girls to the 3 mile track around a beautiful park and we started walking. oh but not before BARELY getting out of the car and she sees another dog. yes. high-pitched spongebob bark. see now what i don't understand is why she acts this way on a leash but when we're at the dog park, she's anti-social. anyone clue me in please?

anyway, so there was a dog in front of us and she is digging like crazy to get to it. i figure, what the heck, let's start jogging so she can't see it anymore. hmm. what do you know. they like the running which in turn stops the pulling..sort of..that girl can go forever. so i do short bursts of running then walking and she seems to like it.

now comes the "aha" moment. plain for you to see but you're out of the box. i'm in it. i figure that our walks aren't really doing it for her. she needs to get out and do some running or something to burn off energy. when i take her to BF's work she darts and runs forever around the yard and she and juno play. i think next paycheck, i'm getting rollerblades. :) i think this will help her exert that energy she needs to get out in the morning and i think it will be entirely beneficial.

so i call my bff this morning and i'm telling her all of this and she says, "well, she's part greyhound, right? she needs to run after things" DUH. i hadn't considered that or even had thought too much about it lately. hmm. no WONDER she wants to take off all the time. it's in her blood. so thanks amy for that "coulda had a v-8" thunk to my head.

i'm so excited now for that little experiment. i'm just worried about juno's little short legs compared to ruby's long legs.. well. i'll keep you updated. :)

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The v-8 thunk master said...

No prob bob!!! I think just the mention of that to you was enough of a thunk to the head!!! I hope now that you know more about her breed that you can get her the running she really needs to burn off all that energy! What are best friends for if they can't give you the v-8 thunk! Love ya, anytime you need another thunk just call!