Monday, September 29, 2008

The kick in the pants that I needed

So, bored as usual at work, i found this article on msn. One of the blogs it highlights is Small Notebook and one of the experiments the author and her family conducted in July. It was No Spend Month and basically what this family of three did was put away their debit card and live off of $250 cash for the entire month to cover groceries, gas, clothing, household necessities, and entertainment. Sound easy? or not? Could you do it?

I was fascinated when I watched Jon and Kate Plus 8 today and she was telling the viewers that for 10 people, they spend about $150 on groceries a week. WHAT? Really? $15/person per week. I think I spend that much money on fruit for 3 days. To me, that is incredible. And as any avid viewer of the show knows, her kids do not live on Mac and Cheese, she is very pro-organic, healthy food. Anyway, I think this article is what I really need to get my spending habits under control.

But how much should one person and 3 animals budget? Do I include dog and cat food and litter in that equation? Hmm. I don't know. Our internet is going to be out of commission for a few hours tomorrow and since we rely on it for our jobs, I'll have a LOT of free time to get it figured out. I think $100 for one person isn't enough for gas and groceries. Do you? What do you think is appropriate? $150 if I add the cat and dog food into that? I think so. Tomorrow I should have a rough outline to get started. And since Tuesday is the 1st, what a better way to jump start it, eh? :) Perfect timing.

Well, time for me to get on home to my beautiful girls. I hope you all had a blessed weekend! I had a blast and took a day trip with the girls and BF. I'll post pics tomorrow.


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