Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Clearing the clutter..one thing (or bag!) at a time

after reading numerous blogs (the majority of them under my Sites to Visit list) i've been inspired to clear out more clutter. i completely organized my linen closet, cleaned out under my sink and got it all organized, and organized my two junk drawers. i loaded all of it up into a brown paper bag and destined it for freecycle. it had been sitting on my floor for a few days and finally, i put it up on freecycle and less than five minutes, i got an email. so now it's sitting outside my door waiting for its new home. :)

i need to go back through my closet again because it's getting crowded. i packed up all of my things at boyfriend's house and brought it back to mine which made my head spin. ahh. no room. so i'm either craigslisting it or goodwilling it. (no, we're doing fine, not breaking up! i'm just never over there, we're always at mine) hopefully that will bring in a little income and keep the house organized.

i guess we're not having our internet outage today, so i'm going to be plotting my new $150/month "diet". wish me luck!!

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