Monday, September 8, 2008

man my butt is falling asleep.

yup. i'm at work. go figure. i'm sitting here after having to get here at 7:30. why am i complaining? wasn't supposed to be here til 11. i hate the first days of school. lol. so my day is going to be 12 1/2 hours. boo. trying to avoid buying numerous things while blog and net surfing. what am i in the market for today? dog tags. like i.d. tags for my pups. ruby was originally named phoenix (you know, the phoenix rises out of the ashes) but after having juno and phoenix..just sounded like i was naming all my dogs after cities..(yes, i know juneau is spelled j-u-n-e-a-u). anyway, ruby fits her better anyway.

had successful weekend. woke up saturday and took juno to a new groomers. the building is seriously MAYBE 600 sqft. it's a cute little brick building and it's called abracadabra. she used to go to a big box store to get groomed. but she's traumatized. seriously. she will completely resist when i take her in there and pee all over the place. so i vowed never again to take her there. plus i'm supporting small business, right? anyway, took her in and they were blown away by her cuteness. she was really shy with them and being her little 21lb box of protectiveness but she came back beautiful. :)

they were very compassionate and listened to what i wanted. they said she did very well except they think she might be a little "tramautized" (their word, not mine) from her nail clipping experience at big box store so they decided not to do anything until next time so her experience would be positive. :) although when she saw me they said that was the most emotion they saw all day, she loves her mommy. ahh.

anyway, while juno had her spa day i decided to make it a rubbles/mommy day. took her to the dog park where she was very anti-social, walked around a bit, and then petco to get more clickers (workin on the clicker training!). nice to have a little one-on-one with the grover.

i definitely need to get out and do something this weekend. i'm sick of sitting around doing nothing. just got an email from peta about a protest going on in front of a pet store that sells dogs. it's all the way in scottsdale (1 1/2 hrs away) so i may go for a few hours. i don't know. i need to get more active fo sho.

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