Thursday, September 4, 2008

dogs dogs dogs. woof.

my name is LL and yes, i love my dogs. whomever said dogs were a precursor to kids, boy were they not lying! i had no idea until i adopted juno in january. that's right, i was 25 with my first dog. ever. turned out to be a smart move. she really is the coolest dog on this earth. funny, sweet, loving, smart, protective. yes, i could go on about her forever. and i do sometimes. but that's ok. i hate hearing about people's kids. no offense. but i'm more of a dog person. and if you can talk about your kids, i can talk about mine. :)

yes. my dog's wear clothes. but only if they're super cute and super cheap. anyway, my other dog ruby is long and lanky but a tiny 10 3/4lbs so sometimes she gets cold. so of course she has to wear a sweater. right? :)

my coworker continuously tells me. "dogs are not people." i call him bitter. hehe. of COURSE dogs are people. well, toddler brains in little furry bodies that love 100% of the time. they're better than people, dammit. right? right.

it's funny how my life revolves around them. took them on a three-mile walk last night. had their morning walk today. scheduled juno's "spa day" at a new groomers. ran to petsmart on lunch break to pick up nighttime snacks (greenies, ruby gets "teenie" and juno gets "petite". hehe. teenie greenies.), training treats (for the positive reinforcement training i'm working on), and treat bag holder. yes. roll your eyes. i am one of those suckers that buys that stuff. can't help it. i'm a sucker for my dogs. cat food for toddy and $58 later. i was out the door. *ouch*

i think it stems from having cats my whole life and you can't buy them anything cool. ever. and besides, ever try putting clothes on a cat? give a cat a bath? yeah. not pretty is it?

i don't know where i'm going with this, but i guess the thought of going home and having them great me at the door with their tails wagging all excited to see me makes me excited. and now it makes me want to go home. seeing ruby and juno get excited when we're working on training and then seeing it pay off. that's a great reward. i think living alone too makes it easier. cats are wonderful but now that my duke is gone, if i didn't have my girls, i would be miserable. and sad. but the girls keep me distracted so that i don't think about duke being gone. and buying them treats, shirts, things here and there. just makes me smile cuz it makes them happy.

and really look at this face. isn't that the cutest dog ever? yeah. i thought so.

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