Monday, October 6, 2008

And the money keeps disappearing..

boo. this is not going as well as i had planned. the dog food and now flea and tick medicine. the boyfriend and i took the girls to the dog park and on a three-mile walk on sunday; we get home and i find a tick on juno. the LAST thing i'm going to do is sit around and wait for more to arrive and create an infestation so there goes $30.25. ugh. i would have only bought one box for the two of them to share but since they are different weights, i had to buy two. yeah, the money is going fast.

here is an update of what i spent over the weekend:
  • 10/03--groceries (1 loaf of ezekeiel bread and walnuts (to make vegan banana nut bread) = $6.10
  • 10/04--groceries (2 containers of strawberries, parsley (to make hummus), 2 boxes organic mac and cheese, bottle of organic ketchup) = $12.02
  • 10/05--Two boxes of natural flea and tick drops: $13.99 x 2 + tax = $30.25
Total for the weekend: $48.37

you may notice a trend with my spending. i really tend to go for the freshest, healthiest, most organic food possible. i will not skimp on my health for any reason nor will i subject myself to eating ramen noodles for the rest of this experiment. also when it came to the flea and tick medicine, i could have saved money by buying the chemical drops, i refuse to do that. my dogs health is one of my top priorities (this is why the only eat organic food and treats) and i refuse to put chemical-laden drops on them to save a few dollars, so i spent a little extra money so that they get the ones made from essential oils. i think in the long run this will benefit us all.

if it were not for the flea and tick drops, i probably would be doing quite well and really not spending any money at all, but alas, things come up and you can't do anything but just ride the wave.

Totals as of October 6:
Total money spent over weekend: $48.37
Total money left: $46.01

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amy said...

I think you're doing good besides the fact that you cheated in the above blog!!!! I'm not going to stop with the cheater business either missy! Nah really, I think you're doing really good considering its just you that you have to provide for really. I mean yeah, you have to buy things for the dogs but that's not like buying kids clothes or bday presents for the kiddos and such. I say "Good Job"! Keep up the good work and no more big spending and saying "well it was meant to be done months ago but they wouldn't let me do it". Nope, nope, nope! Love ya