Friday, October 3, 2008

Update: Day three

Bought $20 worth of gas which was this close to filling up my tank, so hopefully i won't have to buy any gas within the next two weeks. Ready to get started on some weekend projects, thinking of rearranging my computer room for the heck of it.. open up some windows, let the sunshine and fresh air in.. yeah, i think i'm going to get on it this weekend. i also have a ton of books and dvds to take to my favorite bookstore. if i get enough credit that would give me something to do and get some new/used books. yay! no out-of-pocket expenses. i hope you all have a blessed weekend.

Day Three (thus far):
Money spent: $20
Money remaining: $94.38

1 comment:

Amy said...

ok, so where's the rest of the days slacker??? Have you already given up penny pincher? I want to know how its going so post a new blog damn you.