Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Does 100 sqft equal bliss?

After this article on CNN posted today, I'm sure the blogs are all ablaze about these tiny little homes.

Oh, they're tiny alright. 100 sqft to be exact. I suggest you check out the article, as it will take you about 3 minutes to read but basically it boils down to people who want financial freedom and don't want to keep up with the Joneses anymore building these tiny little homes. One couple was tired of their $1,500 mortgage payment a month so the husband built their home (the top photo) for $15,000 and moved it to their daughter's property where they pay $15 ($15!!!) on utilities a month. It was put on wheels so that they could attach it to a truck and move it if they need to.

Anyway, I admire what these people are doing. I've always been an advocate of tiny living and while this is extreme (in my views) I applaud them for going against the typical American ideals. The downsides? Well, the one couple keep their clothes in their car since there's no room (ugh.) and the guy with the adorable house in picture 2 doesn't live with his wife since his place is too small (no thanks); he's building his wife a bigger house next door to him.

But in any event, just wanted to point this out to you all. Please leave your comments. Could you purge all of your goods, give up your mortgage, and live in this tiny home?

Psst...Here is another article I found relating to the same topic from the NY Times

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Tiko|Peace-Joy-Love said...

Oh my...I would feel so claustrophobic!!