Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oh my..

has it really been that long since i've blogged? oops. well, in all defense i've been lazy..err busy. lots has taken place since october 22:
  • boyfriend left on october 23 for unknown amount of time to go live/work on arizona/mexico border. :(
  • took 15 hour car ride to dallas with ex to see my family for 5 days
  • currently trying to get back on schedule with everything!! work, dogs, home, sleep!!

things at work are so crazy right now. everything is just such a downer, the work environment is extremely negative and it's getting old with all of the high school drama. *i thought i escaped that when i graduated eight years ago? guess not!

anyway, seeing my family was great. i got to see my BFF, my soul mate, A and her son J who is now two years old, walking, talking, personality galore, and is as beautiful as his mama. she drove down from oklahoma and we went to the dallas zoo and ikea. was soo good to see her considering the last time i spent time with her was june 2007. ugh. i hate that more than anything. i keep trying to convince her to move to tucson but things in her life are going so great, she can't. :( but that's ok, i'm really happy and proud for her.

i also got to see my nephew who is almost two and a freaking hoss. i mean this kid is huge (not fat). he is about 5 inches taller than J even though J is 4 months older than my nephew. he honestly looks like he is three years old. he's not talking like J though but his coordination seems better. it was so cute to see them together.

i spent time with my uncles, 90 year old grandma, my uncles' two friends whom i LOVE and adore, and of course, my parents, my sister.... it was good fun but i was ready to get back home to my girls. who were more than ready for me to be home.

anyway, now that i'm back in the flow of things, i'm going to get on it and be back with full force!


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amy said...

Slacker!!!! Yes, its been that long. I still love ya though.