Monday, October 6, 2008

fall in arizona

as a kid i loved the summertime. for one, it meant no school and bike riding, swimming, catching tadpoles, playing with my cabbage patch dolls, and making cookies with my dad, two, obviously the nice warm weather, and three, my birthday.

after moving to arizona i have concluded that i no longer like the summer. it' i have to work and i'm getting older.

granted we have no humidity so that helps with the heat (ever spend a summer in missouri or texas? yeah, not fun) but still. it's just miserable because i really can't get out and do much. also, my pups look at me like, mom. we want out of this house. please? please? well, if i take them to the dog park they look at me for 10 mins and then want the heck out of there.

anyway, it is now the fall and i couldn't be happier. i actually had to wear a light jacket on our nightly walk last night. and my A/C has been off for almost a week now. yay to lower electric bills! :) yesterday our walk was so beautiful and the dog park was fun because we weren't sweating to death.

ooh how i love arizona (in the spring and fall!)

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