Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gut feelings: do you follow yours?

gut feeling, small voice/tiny voice/inside voice, conscience, angels..whatever you may call it i believe that we all have one and certain times in our lives, it tells us to do certain things or reminds us of somethings that need to be done or not done.

i always trust my gut..no matter what it tells me. if you have ever seen Deal or No Deal you will see more often than not, those who have trusted their guts and KNOW that they have the million dollars but listen to what other people are telling them, generally do have the million dollars by the end of the show but have taken the deal.

this morning i made some pasta so that i would have some lunch for today at work and wouldn't have to spend any money. i was leaving for work and gave the girls their biscuits, grabbed my purse and bag and proceeded to lock my doors. i have two locks on my interior door and a security door with a deadbolt so it gets to be a pain in case i have to go back inside once it's all said and done. well i was getting ready to get in my car when a voice said, "check the stove." well, who am i to keep going to work and let it nag me all day when i can just go back inside even though it is a small inconvenience? good thing i went back in. for some reason i didn't turn the burner off completely but the flame was off (i have a gas stove). getting back in my car i was a little dazed and completely grateful and said my thanks and praises to those who could have been responsible for that.

what could have happened if i didn't go back inside? what if i hadn't trusted my inner voice? i don't want to think about it but honestly i could have blown my house up or completely gassed and killed my furbabies. scary thought, huh? i'm so grateful that i have my guides that help me when i need help and i trust them implicitly.

so next time you hear a tiny voice telling you something, are you going to listen or just dismiss it as nothing? today was a very important lesson learned and like i said, i can't be grateful enough that i listened to what my guides were telling me; the consequences could have been catastrophic.

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amy said...

OMG!!!! Are you kidding me? I'm so thankful that you listened to your gut and went back inside to check things out. I'm in shock and can't believe the whole situation. I know that I have always been one to listen to my gut and I too am a firm believer that you should take the gut feelings over what anyone else may be telling you. Thank the good lord above that you had those guides to tell you to go back inside and check it out. Gosh, I'm so thankful everything is ok! Love ya and don't leave that damn stove on again woman!