Thursday, October 9, 2008

No Spend Month Update

yay, so far for the past two days i'm doing really well. i haven't spent any money although i did go to the dollar store and find doggie poopy bags 50 for $1. picked up the only box they had but since all the SAHMs decided to go shopping with their 50+ items, with only one lane open, and i didn't want to spend my entire lunch break slowly melting into the floor, i put it down and walked away frustrated. also went to the used bookstore and found lots of goodies but i resisted temptation and didn't buy anything.

since i want to work more on the girls' training i needed more training treats so bf was nice to buy those for "his girls" i can work more on getting them to obey more and perhaps walk ruby without incident.

i think i may call in sick tomorrow for work and enjoy a long weekend...because you know.. i'm sick and everything.....*cough*....

Day 8 and 9 totals:
Money spent: $0!!
Money remaining: $39.01

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